About Filing.Solutions™

Filing Solutions LLC is a private business entity that assists in preparing applications and documents for both business and personal filings. Why spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a lawyer or countless hours researching the correct way to file on your own. We are a team of professional, hardworking individuals striving to make your document preparation needs simple and stress free at an affordable cost. Filing Solutions LLC is NOT a law firm or government agency. We cannot provide legal, financial, or any other professional advice. Our company and sites are not affiliated with the IRS, or any other government body. To seek services from a government agency directly please contact your local IRS, or other government office.

What Services we provide

We provide an easy to use assisted application form that reduces time and simplifies the process for filing many difficult forms. We file the forms correctly, the first time, on your behalf and provide online support throughout the entire filing process.

Our online ITIN submission system enables our IRS approved Certifying Acceptance Agents to easily assist you with applying for your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number using our one-of-a-kind online filing system.

Thank you for choosing Filing.Solutions!